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  1. Bhargav
  2. DTX-MULTI 12
  3. Monday, 30 September 2019
i am sending the problems i and other players face in YAMAHA DTX M12
are mentioned below.
i Use this instrument since 2011 so i know each and every thing of this instruments. By bellow points you can make you product more user friendly.
as i guarantee sales of this product will go up.

1) Volume Knob creates problem within 6 months.
Volume Increases or Decreases while playing pad due to vibration.

2) Sound Cut off when we change the patch.
For Eg if we play a Cymbal or Chimes and Change the patch, Sound Cut offs.

3) While working on Bank changes automatically when striking pad.
If we want to assign a tone in bank 'C' so when we strike a that pad it automatically
displays bank 'A' then we again have to go to menu and change to bank C.

4) Selecting Banks is also a problem, We have to go to midi and the On the banks function and then again we have to go to voice menu and assign banks.
( it should be like SPD 20 of roland, there is dedicated key for selecting banks)

5) Display is very small.

6) Changing patch is also a problem.
if i am on patch number 5 and i want to go to patch 13 then either i have press + 8 times or i have to +&- together but then in this case it jumps 10 patches so it will go to 15 so again we have to do -2.
(In roland insted of jupming to 10 patches it changes patches faster which is more easy)

7) + & - buttons and other buttons also creates problem and needs repair regularly.

8) Internal memory is also low. its only 64 MB where as in Roland SPD SX its giant 2GB memory. So it needs to be increased.

9) there are regular updates and new models coming in DTX series but no update in firmware, sound and new model coming out.

10) The internal Pad Sensors are also weak if sometime little bit of pressure comes on pad, it stops working so we have to get it changed which is very costly. So times while traveling a bag is placed besides a little bit of pressure comes then pad stops working.

11) The Body screws also becomes loose many times we need to tighten up many times.

12) another problem is that in design after 6th pad there is a step like thing.
So while playing many times that step comes in between and our stick falls from our hand

13) and most important thing that in this percussion pad section Roland SPD 20 is considered as legendary, milestone and flagship model. people have used and and are using it since more that 20 years.
The shape of that it have 4 pad on upper side and 4 pad on lower side. so the people are used to play on that design and many of prefer that design so they are ready to pay any amount for that pad.
so i suggest to make design simlar to that. yes you give 12 pad so you can do is
4 pads on upper part, 4 pad on lower part and 4 roll on bottom parts.

14) Editor App is only made for iOS and not for Android, windows mobile and for PC.

15) What is the need of GM sound in Percussion Pad? Insted you should have given other sound of Yamaha Keyboards Standard, Power etc etc Kits.
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