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The preconfigured kits for the DTX502 - DTX522K, DTX532K, DTX562K - give customers a wide range of options for triggering and playing. In addition, users can add up to four single-zone pads to their kit via the Kick and Tom inputs. Pads that were multi-zone initially, become single zone when their trigger input is shared.
Although the DTX400 is great-sounding out of the box, it offers users the ability to customize its Kits to best fit their playing style and dynamic. Editing the Pad/Trigger Volume is one of the ways users can make a Kit their own. 
Queen Cora Dunham began her musical journey at Kashmere High School under senior William Portis and at church under Mamie L. Johnson. She played in the marching and concert bands and by the 11th grade moved on to play the drum set. After graduating as valedictorian, Cora received her Bachelor of Science Degree at Howard University.
Setting up a Microphone, Guitar, Bass, Mixer or other A/D INPUTHow to setup the A/D INPUT:  A/D is short for Analog-to-Digital. We will use a microphone for our example but you could substitute a guitar, a bass, hand-held playback device, your band's mixer or virtually any kind of audio device. These are analog signals and we are going to convert their audio to digital signals inside the MOXF6/MOXF8. In some setups you will be able to route this signal through the powerful effect processors.
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