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Do less menu diving, and more playing! Yamaha now offers free apps for the DTX-MULTI 12, DXT502, EAD10, and the DTX402 series of electronic drums and other DTX related products!

The DTXM12 Touch app not only lets you edit the pads with a touchscreen interface but also adds new features that expand its functionality in live performance situations. When the DTX-MULTI 12 is connected to an iPad or iPhone via USB, drummers can now trigger song playback and backing tracks from their music library using the pads, and then mix the audio through the stereo auxiliary input! Additionally, the app includes a mixer for all the sounds of a kit, including up to four sounds per pad, and access to every parameter of the instrument. It also lets users quickly see what voices are assigned to the pads on the touchscreen.

The DTX502 Touch app lets drummers take control of the DTX502 drum trigger module using their iOS' touch-screen interface when connected via USB. Now it's even easier to create custom user kits, layer and cross-fade two different sounds per pad, and program up to 30 click and tempo settings for instant recall. The app also serves as a conduit for downloading new kits in a wide range of styles from YamahaDTX.com. In addition, the app has a unique Hybrid Setup wizard that helps drummers calibrate custom trigger settings quickly for their DTX 502-series kit, or any combination of electronic pads and acoustic drum triggers!
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With the DTX402 touch app, the creative possibilities are nearly limitless. Fine tune your DTX402 series kit to precision. Change the sounds for any of the 10 built in kits or individual pads, set custom tunings, volume settings and more. Access the Trigger setup, Reverb and Pedal settings with a single touch, and adjust the virtual position of the open hi-hat. You can even set the volume for the on board "Voice Guidance" training system. The 402 touch app also has 10 built in play along songs, designed to make you a more well rounded, diverisified drummer. Choose to play along with either the pre-recorded drums with those songs as a practice reference, or use the option to mute the pre-recorded drums and take on the show for yourself. The app has a big focus on education ,and offers 10 challenge mode practice excercises, covering a variety of important skills and topics every drummer should strive for.

Song Beats is an iPhone app that supports your drum performance by visualizing which drums to hit and when to hit them while playing along with your favorite songs. The app also allows you to easily create custom accompaniments for drums, putting your drumming at the center of the band. In addition, you can also use 10 built-in demo songs or any MIDI song that you've already purchased from Yamaha MusicSoft by using iTunes File Sharing. Register Song Beats with Yamaha, and your first song is free!

DTX700 Touch app Allows you to easily and intuitively Customize your kit with quick access to editing and layering. Fine tune your sounds with The EQ and add filters with a simple touch and drag. Download free drum kits from YamahaDTX.com or back up a kit or the whole module with an iOS device.
The Rec 'N' Share App is an app designed to allow you to record both the audio and video of your performance. You can even download one of your favorite tunes from your iTunes library and play along to a track! Once you've finished recording, you have the option of mixing your drum volume to the tracks overall volume, allowing you to bring out and make your drum sound as prominent within the mix as desired. click the link here to see what you need to get started, and all the features you can navigate ==> Rec 'N' Share Quick Tips


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